Yoga Videos

Yoga Videos

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Donation based yoga videos for charity.

The Sanskrit word Seva translates directly as “thread,” implying that all things are connected in the thread of existence. I like to think of this threaded connection as a spiritual web of sorts, weaving our souls into a marriage of light. To engage with one is to engage with the whole. Likewise, to serve one is to serve the whole.

Seva, the spiritual practice of selfless service, springs from two forms of yoga; Karma Yoga which is the yoga of action, and Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of worship inspired by divine love. Seva can be as simple as bringing a meal to a new mother, or as difficult as caring for refugees in a war-torn land. Nevertheless, Seva is one of the most profound and life-changing of practices. However we chose to express our own unique Seva practice, we ultimately test our altruism and put our spiritual knowledge into action.

In my own yoga practice, I’ve noticed the healthier I become (mind, body, and soul) the healthier the relationships around me become. My goal is to take this connection to a deeper, more profound level, reaching beyond my immediate circles (spheres). I look forward to serving you, our community, and our world. Here’s one way I plan to serve: videos.

These yoga videos were a huge challenge for me to create. I have to admit, I’m not tech-savvy. The editing and ego-releasing that took place during the creation of these videos came with a lot of laughs (at my own embarrassment), tears (at the frustration of trying to edit), and releasing my inner perfectionist. Creating these videos helped me break through some of my own barriers. These videos are my way to serve, to offer you something special, something from my heart. They are free to you. No strings attached. If you do feel inclined to join me in the practice of Seva, there is a donation button below each video. 100% of the profits collected from the use of the yoga videos will go directly to charity. Below is a list of charities I’ve chosen to “thread” too. I believe they do very good work in our world. I split all donations evenly between these charities. Thank you for considering your own Seva practice and thank you for joining me on this journey.