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Postnatal Yoga

Our postnatal yoga classes offer yoga poses to help you regain abdominal tone and body strength. Classes address common postpartum concerns such as back, neck, and shoulder aches, and pelvic strengthening and provides a forum for mothers to share information, support, and parenting tips.  If you want to practice postnatal yoga with your baby, check out our baby yoga classes too!

At your first class you are shown how to manually check your core for any separation of the diastasis recti muscles, and shown specific exercises to re-integrate muscle integrity and strength.  Improper abdominal exercises can actually make separation worse.  We are lucky to have highly trained yoga instructors that specialize in perinatal women’s yoga, keeping moms strong and healthy so they can take good care of the little ones!

Mothers that are breastfeeding are still producing a hormone that relaxes joints and ligaments.  We take extra care to promote proper alignment and strength to avoid over stretching already loose joints.

Postnatal classes are all-levels, offering choices for poses based on the students ability.

In addition to Postnatal yoga, our Vinyasa Flow,  Gentle / Restorative, and Prenatal Yoga classes are open to postpartum moms!  Just let the teacher know before class and she/he can cater the class to your body!

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