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Parent and Baby Yoga

Yoga with your Baby-

This yoga class is for Mama’s and/or Papa’s and their babies that are not yet walking.  Class is held in a very supportive and go-with-the flow atmosphere.  Although we practice specific exercises that benifit both Parent and Baby, the parent will have the freedom to feed, cuddle, take breaks, walk around at anytime during class, change diapers etc to make sure babies have a comfortable experience.  If your baby loves a pose, you have the option to stay in it longer and continue the fun.  If your baby is sending you cues that he/she is not enjoying a pose, you have the option to try something different. As an instructor I follow the cues of the babies in the class. This is a very popular class and parents make friends with other parents in the class, sometimes setting up playgroups and continuing play outside of class!

One of the exceptional things about Sphere Mama is the support offered to families during the process of conception, pregnancy and postpartum.  As a yoga practitioner, instructor, and mom, I understand Yoga brings health and happiness to all of life’s chapters with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.  Yoga has truly benefited my life on all levels and is a pleasure to share yoga with my children and the babies in Santa Fe and Los Alamos.

Sensory Stimulation:

Tactile, auditory and visual contact is important for a child’s brain development and emotional well being and helps assimilate trust and security. This leads to development of self-confidence, the foundation of a balanced body, mind and spirit. The yoga studio is a great place for babies to watch and listen to their parents and friends in the room, building visual and auditory tracking skills.

Language Development

By practicing certain yoga sequences parents can help establish routine, which builds on the infant’s knowledge of anticipation, which helps develop language.  In class we also take time to sing, chant, and communicate through body language (smiles).


Babies sleep better and longer as a result of the physical and mental stimulation gained through yoga.  As they grow they will understand and know how to use yoga to help keep their minds calm, bodies healthy, and spirits singing.

Gross Motor Development

Yoga also focuses on building balance, strength, and coordination for parent and baby.  For example, in Warrior 1 Pose, parents will hold baby close to their core, which builds strength in the legs, pelvic floor, and back, while the baby is building strength in the neck and torso.  Yoga targets muscles in a safe and fun way.

Support for Parents

The yoga class is a support structure for parents, who learn tools to help relax themselves and their babies.  Deep breathing techniques (pranayama) and body movements (asana) are used to help soothe the little ones when they fuss.  When babies need extra attention, such as diaper changes, feedings, or cuddles, parents are encouraged to make babies needs their first priority. Before and after class parents have time to discuss important topics and share ideas with each other.


It is easy to get carried away with the “to-dos” of life.  Baby and Me yoga reminds us that one-on-one time is precious and so beneficial for baby and parent.  In class both the parent and child are having fun while building these strong bonds.

Example Parent with Baby Yoga….Try this with your Baby!


1.)   Sit on the floor with your sit bones on a folded blanket or pillow, bringing a little extra height to the hips helps protect the lower back.

2.)   Take the legs wide and press out through the heels, keeping your toes pointed toward the ceiling.

3.)   Your baby can rest on a blanket in front of you between your legs.

4.)   Keeping your back long, hinge forward through the hips.  Let your hips do the work, keeping your back straight. You will feel a nice stretch in the backs of the legs.

5.)   With each inhale lengthen within the bend, with each exhale bend another centimeter forward.

6.)   Use this time to rub your baby with loving touch.  Starting with your babies little toes and working your way to the babies crown.

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Christa’s “Mama/Papa and Baby” classes facilitated some of the most amazing parenting experiences for me!  It was my time to truly connect and bond with my baby and let go of the busy lifestyle of a new working mom.  Christa reminded me savor and cherish all the moments in class and outside of class.  I remember she had us study and make a mental memory of one precious feature of our baby, 4 years later when I close my eyes I can still see Harley’s newborn hands imprinted into my mind.  Her class is sooooo important for new moms.  You will learn so much!  Love, Ashley and Harley

Parent and baby yoga was the highlight of each week.  Not only was the class a blast and full of giggling happy babies, but we learned a lot too! The class really made a difference in my confidence as a mother.  I learned techniques to soothe my son when he was gassy, sleepy, constipated, etc.  Christa showed me many parenting tricks that I used on a regular basis…because they worked like a charm!  She is like the baby whisperer;) – Tara and Clifton

At first I was really nervous about taking Parent and Baby yoga.  I was worried about “what if he cries, or gets hungry, I didn’t have a natural birth, what if he  is non-yogic”.  I learned quickly that the class is completely supportive of baby mood swings, my mood swings, different parenting styles, different feeding techniques.  We all bond through our common ground of loving our babies and having fun in class!  – Sheri