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Fertility Yoga

Sphere Mama’s Fertility Yoga classes are structured for men and women trying to conceive.  We practice specific poses which encourage fertility by reducing stress, increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs, opening the pelvic and hip region, aligning the spine, releasing toxins, releasing emotional tension, regulating the endocrine system, elevating mood and relieving insomnia.  We also practice yogic tools for mental, emotional and digestive health to allow the body to follow into a fertile state.

In addition to specific “Fertility yoga” classes we offer Vinyasa Flow and Gentle/Restorative  classes.  In these classes the teacher can modify and add poses for fertility if you request so ahead of time.

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From our Article on Fertility Yoga:

Sphere Mama fuses together modalities that aid in assisting families during conception.  One of these modalities is Fertility Yoga. Hatha Yoga, Gentle/Restorative Yoga and Partner yoga classes are also very beneficial for those trying to conceive.

Becoming pregnant is a true miracle of timing, receptivity and energy.  These are qualities that can be strengthened through a regular yoga practice.  By conserving your energy and responding to your body’s needs the ability to conceive will increase.  Stress in our daily lives can impede conception because stress uses up so much of our vital energy.  If stress is demanding our energy and keeping our muscles tight, our minds overwhelmed and our emotions all agitated then the other areas of the body will need to manage on the energy that is left over.  The answer to a stressful lifestyle is to rebalance your endocrine and nervous system though yoga.  Yoga will help to enhance the proper function of the body.  The use of yoga to stretch, strengthen, release and relax will allow the body and mind to let go of locked-up energy, sending energy to the areas in need!


Pranayama (Yoga Breathing Exercises) for Conception

Proper breathing habits increase the total supply of O2 energy available for the body to use.  Practicing pranayama with awareness will help you learn how to relax deeply between all bouts of stress, creating a calm strength.

  • Sit or lay down comfortably.  As you inhale let your navel area expand outward, allowing prana, or life force energy to extend into the lower lungs.  As you exhale let your navel area hug inward, pushing all the stale air out of the body.  Make sure to stay connected with the muscles of the shoulders, neck and face.  Try to keep these areas relaxed during your deep breathing.  A deep breath in will recharge both the body and the mind.  A deep breath out will release muscular tension, chemical waste products and tired, strained emotions.  Practice this every morning and every evening.  Starting and ending your day in relaxation!


Flexibility in the Pelvis for Conception

The reproductive organs are contained within the pelvic region.  This area needs to be relaxed and open so that energy can circulate freely through the reproductive system.  By practicing yoga poses that promote flexibility in the hips, low back and legs you will bring energy and strength to the reproductive organs.

  • Pelvic Rocking: Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet about hip distance apart.  Melt your shoulders away from your ears.  As you inhale rock your sacrum so that your sit bones point toward your bent knees.  As you exhale rock your sacrum so that your sit bones point toward the floor.  This rocking movement will help to loosen the muscles around the lower back and pelvis.
  • Happy Baby Pose: The name of this pose is perfect for bringing happiness and ease in manifesting pregnancy! Lie on your back, bend your knees and bring your knees wide and feet off the floor.  Reach though and grab your big toes.  As you pull your feet toward the floor gently rock from side to side!


To learn more yoga poses and breathing exercises for fertility please join us for yoga Sphere Mama.

With Love,

Christa Tyson