I have been taking yoga on and off for more than 20 years, and Christa’s class is the best I’ve ever taken. She has incredible knowledge of yoga and she is very thoughtful about constructing each class to suit the needs of the particular students in class. I leave her class completely relaxed and refreshed. – Cindy Carrol

Christa customizes every class to the specific needs of her students and offers such great explanations about the benefits of each pose, that I’m able to easily do them on my own at home properly and take care of my own aches and pains. Christa always offers a student-friendly detail of how to get into our poses, nothing like I’ve ever heard before – and I’ve been practicing for years. I feel like I’m really getting the true benefits of yoga under Christa’s guidance!- Leslie Tomonovich

Christa isn’t just a yoga teacher, she’s the embodiment of yoga. She has added a whole new dimension to my life, transforming it with her deep knowledge, intuitive wisdom, creativity, patient teaching, and most of all her open-hearted spirit. She is truly remarkable, and I can’t recommend her strongly enough. – David Snyder

There is one word for Christa… Magical. As a beginning yoga student, the entire experience was wonderful. Christa is a truly beautiful person, and it comes through in her gentle and spiritual manner, her patience, and her encouraging way of teaching. She is also an excellent instructor; knowing exactly how to tailor her instruction to where your body and mind need to go on a particular day. And although I am way past the days of needing a doula, I cannot imagine that one could find someone better suited to calmy coach and sooth a soon-to-be mom and to be there to bring a new life into the world with such Warmth, Grace, and Love. – Chris Leary

Christa’s yoga class is 60 minutes of pure bliss! It’s relaxing yet challenging and I feel like a different person when I leave. Christa makes you believe you can do pretty much any pose, regardless of experience. – Maherly Schafer

As a young senior citizen (age 61), I am so pleased with Christa’s yoga class. Her voice is always calm, soothing, and accepting. Often she gives her students several suggestions for the yoga poses – easier, harder, more challenging – so that all her students can participate at their own level. There isn’t any problem she can’t address – aches, pains, whatever ails us. Christa embodies the yoga philosophy and imparts her knowledge to her students in her quiet, encouraging manner every week.- Carol Manuel

Christa excels at reading the pregnant body. Her prenatal yoga instruction was invaluable to my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. I always left class feeling as if our practice had been tailored to exactly what my body needed that day.  Her classes not only prepared my body for labor but while in labor I referred back to relaxation techniques and variations of labor positions, we had discussed.  Christa’s prenatal classes made my body feel strong and put my mind at ease. – Emily Hill

Christa’s confidence and integrity as a teacher shine through each and every one of her classes. She is a gentle and compassionate guide, helping facilitate each student’s experience with great skill and care. Prenatal classes are always a gem with Christa, and she uses her wide breadth of knowledge and her loving and kind personality to shape each class to the unique needs of the students who are present. – Emily Harowitz

After a 10-year love-hate relationship with yoga, Christa opened my eyes to its greater purpose while I practiced with her during my pregnancy. Her knowledge of the pregnant woman’s body and mind, as well as a woman’s natural ability to birth, was what allowed me to build the confidence necessary to realize my ideal pregnancy and birth experience. I was literally a different person when I left her class – calm, strong and fully connected to my growing baby. I would recommend Christa to any of my closest friends and family who are expecting; in fact, I have taken many out-of-town guests to her classes so they can experience the benefits of prenatal yoga for themselves. – Liv Burkey

Christa was truly a gift sent from heaven to our family. She was our Doula and Prenatal Yoga Instructor. Having been doing yoga for 6 years, and recently moving to Rochester, I searched for a long time for a great instructor. The benefits of her prenatal yoga class were so good for my baby and I. I remained flexible, got rid of aches and pains, and most important took time for myself and the baby, and relaxed. Christa is one of the most positive people I know. She got my husband and I ready for a beautiful natural birth. She gave us confidence, support and helped us recognize the amazing things we can do when we put our minds to it. I cannot say enough good things about her. She has become a true friend. – Esra Krouse

I craved Christa’s weekly Prenatal Yoga Class because she made me feel so relaxed, rejuvenated, and strong afterward. Christa’s instruction helped me to learn what my body needed and she helped me find the right poses and stretches for my pregnant body. I am grateful to Christa because she played a big part in my achievement of a healthy and comfortable pregnancy. – Jen Suppe