Sphere Mama - Yoga Classes, Support and Education. Serving Women, Men and Children, all Body Types. Specializing in Classes for Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Postpartum/ Parenting Time. Santa Fe / Los Alamos, NM.

Sphere Mama – Yoga, Support and Education

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Christa Tyson- Sphere Mama

Christa Tyson- Sphere Mama

Sphere Mama offers yoga classes for the general population; men and women, young and old!   We also offer  Support, Education and Yoga for Women during Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Postpartum/Parenting period.  

Welcome to Sphere Mama! Sphere Mama is your tribe, your support, your family. Not only will you connect and bond with your baby on a deeper level during our classes, you will naturally form lifelong connections with your instructors and the women who participate in classes with you; flowing from prenatal yoga into mama and baby yoga through to mother’s groups- a tribe forms. This is where it all starts.  Sphere Mama is a community for pregnancy, birth, and beyond. We understand what it’s like to be pregnant and be a new mom. Our doors are always open to mom’s and babies running late, we always allow time after class to connect with other mom’s or nurse, and we’ll be there through the chaos offering a sanctuary of support. We offer you the best yoga with instructors who are trained and specialized in pregnancy and postpartum. We offer a friendly setting that nurtures and supports your journey to and through motherhood.  Sphere Mama is your home during this extraordinary time. We are honored to share this journey with you.

Sphere Mama was started in NY in 2006 with Christa Tyson and has served hundreds of families.  Women have come to Sphere Mama for their first, second, third and some moms even their fourth pregnancies. When women find out a friend is pregnant they send them to Sphere Mama.  If you are  visiting our site for the first time, I promise you will LOVE all our classes, workshops and support.

Please sit comfortably (with healthy posture and a tall glass of water) and continue to browse around. You will learn about our amazing resources for expecting parents and new families!  Below is a summary of our services:

Sphere Mama is a Yoga Shala providing:

Prenatal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga

Parent and Baby Yoga

Fertility Yoga

Hatha Flow yoga/Vinyasa Flow yoga

Gentle and Restorative Yoga

and Couples Yoga

All of these classes can be done in a group setting at our studio or as a private lesson in the privacy of your home. Click here for our Schedule.

Sphere Mama is a Perinatal (prenatal, birth and postpartum) Support Center providing:

Birth Doula Services

Postpartum doula services

Breastfeeding classes and support

Labor/childbirth classes

Mom’s Groups and More!

The name “Sphere Mama” stems from the consistent circular sphere-like symbols associated with women during the perinatal period: the bountiful sphere shaped pregnant belly, the nursing spheres created for feeding your baby, the circular opening from which baby is born, a growing family circle, united community circle, our tribe or circle of friends, our mother earth is a sphere, the feminine energy of the moon, the egg from which it all starts, the spiraling spheres of the chakra’s, and the cycle of life as it spirals from beginning to end and beyond.

We are grateful you are visiting our site and truly hope to connect with you soon.  Please don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions or comments.  It is our pleasure to chat and answer any question you may have.

In Gratitude,

Sphere Mama

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Parent and Baby Yoga

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Parent and Baby Yoga 

I have the honor of working with such beautiful, bountiful women during their pregnancy.  I watch these goddesses grow from early pregnancy  into those last few days of waddling around their due date. I share laughs with them, talk about fears, work through aches in the body.  I am their education during prenatal yoga, childbirth classes, breastfeeding classes.  For some, I am lucky enough to be at the birth as a doula.  Then baby comes and I get to play, sing, flow, giggle, study and cherish them in my Parent and Baby yoga classes. How lucky am I? It is the best job in the entire world.  These women and babies become my family.  The women bond and become close with each other, forming friendships and bonds that will carry them through those challenging parenting moments. The kids grow up playing together…and think they all met while still inside the womb.  What a great way to start roots for your child, a familiarity in friendship with others.

How do we grow wings to soar through the heavens?

We fall from that place of security.

And through falling were given wings.

And then we soar.

So, dont worry “will my baby cry in class” or “what if she has to eat” or “the timing is not perfect”… Once your here, among friends and amidst support you and your baby will be given wings to soar;) And you will have a blast doing so!

For more information about Sphere Mama’s Parent and Baby Yoga classes Click Here

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Checking for Diastasis Recti Separation after Childbirth.

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Checking for Diastasis Recti Separation after Childbirth.

by Christa Tyson, E-RYT, E-RPYT, Doula, CLC, CCE

Hello Friends of Sphere Mama!  I teach Prenatal, Postnatal, Mama and Baby, Hatha and Restorative yoga classes at Sphere Mama and I also teach Breastfeeding and Childbirth Classes.  I have a son born in 2008 and a daughter born in 2010.  I’ve been teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga for many years and just wanted to offer some information regarding one of the common questions I hear regarding abdominal muscles and the postpartum body!  Enjoy-

A frequent request I hear from Mom’s in the Postnatal or Mama and Baby yoga classes is:

“Abs, my stomach, Abbbbbbsssssss please, make the pregnancy pillow go away!”  Before you start any abdominal work at home it is wise to chat with your health care provider or come to a Postnatal Yoga class with me so you can check for Diastasis recti. Separation of the Diastasis recti can cause that buddha belly look and instability in the core. It is important to learn safe and effective exercises that are specific to your postnatal body!  Doing the wrong exercises can make the separation worse! For example, avoid crunches…yes, crunches! You will want and need to take it easy if you have a large separation between the two recti abdominal muscles.  If you do, there may have been a tearing of the muscles away from the linea alba so specific exercises are needed.  Taking it slow and working the muscles properly will be much better in the long run.  Trust me!

How to check for Diastasis recti:

-To check for Diastisis recti following birth, lay in a supine position with your feet on the floor and your knees bent.  Exhale and start to curl your chin to your chest and lift your shoulders about 1 inch off the ground.  Palpate your linea alba (about an inch above your belly button at midline).  The width and depth of the space between the two recti muscles indicates whether there has been a tearing of them muscles away from the linea alba.  This can be caused from the rapid growing and stretching of your body during pregnancy.  If the width is two or more finger-widths wide than you will need special exercises to help the area heal.  I highly recommend you come to my class to learn safe and effective exercises to help this area heal.

It is recommended that you wait about 6 weeks postpartum before attending yoga.  Knowing and understanding the state of your body can help make your path to recovery appropriate and safe.  If you are interested in attending any of my safe and informative Postnatal or Mama and Baby yoga classes please call or email to register!

Namaste Mama’s,


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Avoid Back Labor with Prenatal Yoga!

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Avoid Back Labor with Prenatal Yoga!

by Christa Tyson, E-RYT, E-RPYT, Doula, CLC, CCE

During childbirth if your baby is turned “sunny side up” or occiput posterior the back of the babies head puts pressure on your low back/sacrum.  This causes a more potent sensation during labor.  Ideal labor and birthing position for the baby is occiput anterior where the baby’s head is down and they are looking at or facing your back.  With a baby in OA position labor will be much more comfortable.

Prenatal Yoga to prevent Back Labor!

  • There are specific poses we practice in Prenatal Yoga to help make sure babies have the best chance to position properly in the womb.  Combining gravity, movement and positioning gives your body and the baby a chance to work together for optimal positioning.
  • Example poses include: Polar Bear, Cat/Cow, Downward Dog, or any position where your belly button is pointing toward the floor!  These use gravity to help turn the heavy (spine and head) parts to baby away from your spine.

If your baby is in OP position try these techniques during labor:

  • Yoga Poses: During contractions lean forward onto a couch, chair, wall or husband.  Try these yoga poses; Cat/Cow stretches, Child’s pose, Wall-Dog or Pelvic rocking on the hands and knees.  Having your belly button point toward the ground helps use gravity and lift the baby off the back, same as practiced in pregnancy.
  • Pressure:  Have your partner press on your sacrum.  Counter-pressure works wonders and helps many women cope with intense back labor sensations.
  • Pressure:  Have your partner squeeze your hips. This opens the pelvis to allow more room for baby to descend or position better.
  • Natural Pain Killers:  cold rags or warm rags (you will love one or the other), or you can talk to your doctor about sterile water injections for back labor!  Remember…A doula is always the best pain relief;)


Good Luck!


Christa Tyson

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