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Sphere Mama offers breastfeeding classes for expecting parents (in a group setting or privately) and in-home breastfeeding support after the baby arrives.  

Breastfeeding is the a rewarding and wonderful thing you can do as a parent.  It is the healthiest option for both mother and baby. Sphere Mama offers prenatal breastfeeding classes and postpartum support so that you can feel confident with your breastfeeding relationship. As a new parent the last thing you want to worry about is weather or not your baby is getting enough milk through proper latch and positioning.  Learning proper latch and positioning will help you feel much more comfortable (physically and emotionally) during breastfeeding. Although it takes some time to get use to breastfeeding, once the techniques are mastered breastfeeding is enjoyable for both mother and baby.

Our breastfeeding class is for mom’s to-be and also for any persons that will be supporting mom and baby (partner, grandparents, etc.) to breastfeed.

We recommend taking our breastfeeding course and also signing up for 1-3 in-home postpartum breastfeeding consultations.

Breastfeeding Class Outline:

1. Benefits of Breastfeeding

2. Anatomy and Physiology of Breastfeeding

3. Positions for Breastfeeding

4. The importance of proper latch

5. Demand vs. schedule

6. Milk supply

7. How do you know when breastfeeding is going well?

8. Possible problems and solutions

9. Pumping/working/milk storage

10. Weaning

11. Your personal questions and concerns

Please call or email with any questions about upcoming breastfeeding workshops or the possibility for private education/support.