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Yoga Mantra – Gayatri Mantra

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bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ

tát savitúr váreṇ(i)yaṃ

bhárgo devásya dhīmahi

dhíyo yó naḥ


 The eternal, earth, air, heaven
That glory, that resplendence of the sun
May we contemplate the brilliance of that light
May the sun inspire our minds.

Meaning of the individual words
Om: The primeval sound
Bhur: the physical world
Bhuvah: the mental world
Suvah: the celestial, spiritual world
Thath: That; God; transcendental Paramatma
Savithur: the Sun, Creator, Preserver
Varenyam: most adorable, enchanting
Bhargo: luster, effulgence
Devasya: resplendent,supreme Lord
Dheemahi: we meditate upon
Dhiyo: the intellect,understanding
Yo: May this light
Nah: our
Prachodayath: enlighten,guide,inspire
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Parent and Baby Yoga

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Parent and Baby Yoga 

I have the honor of working with such beautiful, bountiful women during their pregnancy.  I watch these goddesses grow from early pregnancy  into those last few days of waddling around their due date. I share laughs with them, talk about fears, work through aches in the body.  I am their education during prenatal yoga, childbirth classes, breastfeeding classes.  For some, I am lucky enough to be at the birth as a doula.  Then baby comes and I get to play, sing, flow, giggle, study and cherish them in my Parent and Baby yoga classes. How lucky am I? It is the best job in the entire world.  These women and babies become my family.  The women bond and become close with each other, forming friendships and bonds that will carry them through those challenging parenting moments. The kids grow up playing together…and think they all met while still inside the womb.  What a great way to start roots for your child, a familiarity in friendship with others.

How do we grow wings to soar through the heavens?

We fall from that place of security.

And through falling were given wings.

And then we soar.

So, dont worry “will my baby cry in class” or “what if she has to eat” or “the timing is not perfect”… Once your here, among friends and amidst support you and your baby will be given wings to soar;) And you will have a blast doing so!

For more information about Sphere Mama’s Parent and Baby Yoga classes Click Here

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The Mantra “Om” for Conception, Pregnancy and Childbirth.

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The Mantra “Om” for Conception, Pregnancy and Childbirth.

by Christa Tyson, E-RYT, E-RPYT, Doula, CLC, CCE

Bumper stickers, body art, t-shirts, yoga magazines…you’ve seen the symbol but what does it mean?

Om, pronounced AUM is the sound of Creation.  Everything that Was, Everything that Is, and Everything that Shall Be.  The past, the present and the future wrapped up into this 3-part sound.  Om is also believed to be the sound of everything individually at its neutral.  So for example, the sound of your partner snoring at night should really sound like “Om”, “Om”, “Om”, ok I guess that was a stretch…the phone ringing in the background, or the breath you take, the hum of the computer.  Can you find the hint of “Om” in it? When we chant OM or AaUuMm we bring ourselves back to our neutral energy, bringing relief from sluggishness or hyperness.  We also tap into something that transcends beyond this moment in time.  We bond with the before, the now, and the after.

How to Om

Om is pronounced Aaaa, Uuuu, Mmmm.

-Let the A sound start as a vibration near the navel or abdomen working it’s way upward.  This abdominal vibration taps into our center of creation.  Brining energy and vitality to our reproductive organs.

-Let the U sound vibrate in the chest.  The vibration here in the chest symbolizes preservation.  “Prana” or lifeforce energy is the breath that flows into the chest and lungs.  The breath sustains or preserves the body.

-Let the M sound roll up into the throat and head.  Vibration in the head brings clarity is associated with dedication.

Om for Conception

Everything that was, is, and shall be.

When you chant Om think of all the women before you that became pregnant, all the way back to your great great great grandma…Aaaa

Bringing you to the moment now, noticing the present moment, the sensation of the sound in the throat…Uuuu

Then moving forward and creating your future.  See yourself pregnant.  See your belly growing with a beautiful baby….Mmm

Om for Pregnancy

Aaaaa – Visualize a healthy Uterus, Placenta, and Baby.

Uuuu – Bring awareness to your heart and lungs that sustain your body and your growing baby

Mmm – Cherish this journey.  Gladly be the vessel in which your baby grows.

Om for Labor and Delivery

Vocalizing in low tones during labor can help relax the muscles of the pelvic floor, abdomen and shoulders.  When we clench our jaw tight we draw our shoulders up and our pelvic floor lifts, things you would want to avoid in labor.  Vocalizing relaxes the jaw, therefore relaxing the pelvic floor and shoulders!  Use “Om” to bring a sense of relaxation to the muscles associated with labor.  Just by opening the mouth and letting the sounds roll off the tongue you can help your body relax and open for delivery.  Chanting Om during labor also helps bring focus to the mind, which can help with pain management during contractions!


Christa Tyson

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Writing a Birth Plan.

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Writing a Birth Plan.

By Christa Tyson, E-RYT, E-RPYT, Doula, CLC, CCE

As a mother of two, prenatal yoga instructor and educated birth doula, I know the significance of education during pregnancy to prepare for the best possible birth experience.  I was able to birth both my children naturally with the help of prenatal yoga, educating myself and developing a birth plan.  It is important to be involved in the decision making process of childbirth.  When the time comes to make a quick decision you already know your preferences.  The last thing you will be able to do during labor (or want to do) is think with a clear head!  Developing a birth plan is a great way to get everyone (your partner, doctor or midwife, nurse etc) on the same page.  A healthy mom and baby is priority for everyone.  Below is a list of things to think about ahead of time.  Discuss these with your doctor or midwife during prenatal visits and develop your birth plan as a team.  Bring a copy of your birth plan with you to the hospital to “refresh” everyone on staff regarding your preferences.  Good luck and have a blissful birth!

If you do find yourself in a situation where you need to make a difficult decision during labor remember to ask: (tell your husband to keep these questions in his back pocket)

  1. How will this situation affect the Baby?
  2. How will this situation affect Me?
  3. How will this situation affect the progress of the labor?
    1. For example some pain meds can slow down labor
  4. What are the other options?
  5. Is it ok to wait 10 minutes and think about this or do we need to decide right away?

Developing a birth plan is not easy.  Try to keep it to one page! There are many things to consider.  Here are just a few of the more common topics found in birth plans.

  • Vaginal Exams: would you prefer to know where you are in the progress of labor or do you prefer to be examined at a minimum?
  • Do you prefer no student interns in the room or are you ok with interns observing your labor and childbirth?
  • Are you looking to have a natural childbirth free of pain meds or would you like to be offered pain meds?  Research pain meds before labor.  Ask the above 5 questions.
  • Would you like to be offered alternative pain management techniques: positioning options, pressure and massage, heat and cold compresses, visualizations, etc. If so, look into hiring a Doula or you can practice with your partner/husband before labor begins.
  • What are your thoughts about induction or augmentation? Ask the above 5 questions.
  • Do you prefer to tear naturally or have an episiotomy?  You could also request a warm compress on the perineum or alternative birthing positions to avoid tearing or the need for an episiotomy.
  • Would you like to push when you feel the urge or would you prefer your care provider guide you when to push?
  • Would you like to baby to be cleaned directly after birth or would you prefer the baby be placed in your arms?
  • You can delay newborn exams, vitamin K and eye ointment for up to an hour after birth.  This is recommended when mothers prefer to set up a breastfeeding bond as soon as possible.
  • Who would you like to cut the cord?  Would you like the cord to stop pulsating before it is clamped or would you like the cord to be clamped immediately?
  • Who will announce the sex of the baby?
  • Do you want pictures or video of the birth?
  • What are your thoughts about Hep B vaccine at birth?

For a list of more birth plan options all you need to do is Google “birth plan” and look at the many templates available online.  GOOD LUCK!!!


Christa Tyson


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Supine Hypotension: Lying on your back during pregnancy.

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Supine Hypotension: Lying on your back during pregnancy.

by Christa Tyson , E-RYT, E-RPYT, Doula, CLC, CCE

Frequently I hear prenatal yoga students ask if it is safe to practice supine (on the back) yoga poses.   Many doctors tell pregnant women not to rest or exercise on the back during pregnancy.  There is a small chance that lying on the back during pregnancy after 20-22 weeks gestation can create a pooling of blood in the lower legs.  How does this happen?  The growing uterus may rest on the vena cava and aorta that transport blood to and from the heart.  But did you know that more women feel the effects of this hypotension from standing upright?  I bet your doctor didn’t tell you to stop standing!

Standing upright and still during the third trimester can reduce maternal cardiac output by as much as 18%.  Lying in a supine position (on the back) with legs extended can reduce cardiac output by as much as 9% in the second and third trimester. (Women’s Fitness Program Development, Ann F. Crowlin)  In order to keep your body safe during pregnancy you will need to develop the confidence to listen to your body and act accordingly.  If standing still starts to feel uncomfortable move and sway the hips, shift your weight or better yet.. sit down.  If lying on your back starts to feel uncomfortable roll to your left side.  Lying on the left side during pregnancy brings more blood flow to the uterus.

To avoid hypotensive syndromes during my yoga classes I educate my students and encourage them to listen to their body.  First we discuss hypotension, what it feels like and what causes it.  Then I always give the students a choice to participate in the standing and supine positions or choose other poses.   If students choose to do supine poses we spend no more than 3 minutes in the pose and I encourage the women to roll to their left side if any discomfort is felt.  Studies show that 3-5 minutes of exercise in supine positions had no adverse effects. (Women’s Fitness Program Development, Ann F. Crowlin).

I encourage you to talk with your doctor or midwife and discuss the signs and symptoms of hypotensive syndrome. Although I am trained to keep women safe in my prenatal yoga classes, your doctor knows you much better than I do.  Trust their advice and remember we can always find yoga poses specific to your needs and comfort level in my prenatal yoga classes!  There will always be choices.  Hope to see you soon.

Namaste, Christa

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