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Let’s Play! Trail Run followed by Outdoor Yoga and Potluck!

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Hello Friends,

This Sunday June 8th I will lead a 3.5 mile trail run followed by a vinyasa flow yoga class in the park.  Let’s meet at 5:15p for the run.  6-7pm for the yoga.  Then a Gluten Free potluck after for our hungry bellies!

Where: East Park Los Alamos NM

What to bring: A yoga mat, A dish to pass and your own plate/fork, Water/Drink.

My Cell: call me if you need more info: 512-289-2554

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Yoga in Santa Fe and Los Alamos, NM

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Yoga in Santa Fe and Los Alamos, NM

Looking for Yoga in Santa Fe and Los Alamos, NM? Join instructor Christa Tyson of Sphere Mama for a Vinyasa Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Baby and Parent Yoga or Outdoor Hike / Run followed by Yoga Class!  All students can try their FIRST CLASS FOR FREE when they sign up for the Sphere Mama newsletter.  If a group class doesn’t fit your schedule your always welcome to contact Christa for a private yoga lesson in the comfort of your own home!  To learn more about Christa’s yoga background click here.  Don’t forget to visit our yoga class schedule page for dates and times of yoga classes.

Finding the right yoga instructor can be a fun yet challenging process.  Christa recommends trying different yoga styles and instructors until you find the best fit.  Even when you find the perfect yoga class and instructor, your needs may change as your practice evolves.  Yoga is a journey and so is your practice.  In each stage of your journey may you find the best yoga “guide”.  Once you are deeper into your personal practice you will realize that YOU are your best teacher and guide.  Christa’s goal is to help you get to that place of intuition and confidence in your practice.

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Upcoming Workshops!

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Childbirth, Labor and Breastfeeding Education

Next Workshop:

Sunday July 13th 1-4pm

at the Blue Sky Pilates Studio in Los Alamos NM


*you must register in advance*


Sphere Mama’s Childbirth Education Workshop-

This pregnancy, this birth, this baby- a once in a lifetime blessing. Childbirth is a right of passage, not something to be feared! Learn how to facilitate an amazing birth experience for yourself and your baby!  You and your partner can take this workshop at anytime during your pregnancy.  It is recommended that you take the workshop early enough to practice the techniques learned in class.  We will be practicing many of the positioning options during the workshop so wear comfortable clothing ! You will receive handouts on everything you learn.

Topics covered in the Workshop:

* Learn the Stages of Labor and what to expect. We will review the first, second and third stages of labor and discuss the signs of each stage.

* Learn positioning options (poses) that will help your body feel more comfort and aid your body in the birthing process.  We will practice a handful of poses that are designed to help labor progress and aid the baby into ideal position.  The most important thing a mother can do during labor is listen to her body and move accordingly.  Learning poses ahead of time helps the mother move with confidence during labor as she listens to the cues from her body. The Birth Partner will learn how to encourage, hold and support the laboring women in the poses.  You will learn specific poses that help speed up a slow labor, poses for back labor, poses for turning a breach baby and many other positioning options for most of labors challenges.  Most importantly, these poses help the mother feel much more comfortable during the contractions.

Comfort Measures for Labor and Childbirth– We will review and discuss many of the easily accessible comfort measures for labor; using heat and cold, acupressure and massage, visualizations, movement techniques, breathing exercises, counterpressure and more….

Breastfeeding Basics– an introduction to breastfeeding.  Learn how to encourage baby to latch to breast properly, breastfeeding positions, how to prepare for breastfeeding and what to expect.  We strongly recommend parents take Sphere Mama’s Breastfeeding Course in addition to this labor workshop.  Were here to help you develop the knowledge and confidence needed for a strong breastfeeding relationship. 

Setting up a Birth Plan – We will discuss and set up an example birth plan. Setting up a birth plan is highly recommended.  A birth plan helps you understand and know your choices ahead of time so you don’t have to make any rushed, fear based decisions.  Making informed decisions is key to your health and the health of your baby. Your OB or Midwife are there to guide you and keep you safe and are a key part of your team.  Sharing your birth plan with your team is one of the main components of open communication and understanding between all involved in the birth of your precious baby.


“A tryly magical experience.  My husband and I tried for 4 years to conceive and once we were finally pregnant we embraced books, shopping and birth classes with full force!  Of all the classes we attended (bradley, lamaze and hospital classes), Christa’s Labor Class was the most informative, the most fun (yes, we had a blast), and the one class that we referred to when in childbirth.  We brought her handouts to the hospital with us and my husband used them to help guide me through a natural labor.  Her suggested positioning options and comfort measures were KEY to my comfort during pregnancy.  I had the confidence to listen to my body and follow my intuition because of Christa and her ability to empower and educate parents.”  – Ava

“Parents will always remember the birth experiences of their children.  Childbirth is imprinted into your mind.  Christa’s Chilbirth Class helped us prepare for this amazing right of passage.  Her guidance allowed us to bring our baby into this world peacefully, safe and stress free.  In today’s world with the drama associated with birth through media, women start to have fear of birth before the event even takes place.  Her class gave me confidence, helped me let go of fear and most importantly helped me work with my OB, Nurse and husband for the perfect birth.”  – Bev and Mitchel

” It was the most important 3 hours of our pregnancy!  The information was invaluable!” – Heather and Mike

– See more at: http://spheremama.com/childbirth-education-2#sthash.3VIGAnPC.dpuf

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Sphere Mama – Yoga, Support and Education

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Christa Tyson- Sphere Mama

Christa Tyson- Sphere Mama

Sphere Mama offers yoga classes for the general population; men and women, young and old!   We also offer  Support, Education and Yoga for Women during Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Postpartum/Parenting period.  

Welcome to Sphere Mama! Sphere Mama is your tribe, your support, your family. Not only will you connect and bond with your baby on a deeper level during our classes, you will naturally form lifelong connections with your instructors and the women who participate in classes with you; flowing from prenatal yoga into mama and baby yoga through to mother’s groups- a tribe forms. This is where it all starts.  Sphere Mama is a community for pregnancy, birth, and beyond. We understand what it’s like to be pregnant and be a new mom. Our doors are always open to mom’s and babies running late, we always allow time after class to connect with other mom’s or nurse, and we’ll be there through the chaos offering a sanctuary of support. We offer you the best yoga with instructors who are trained and specialized in pregnancy and postpartum. We offer a friendly setting that nurtures and supports your journey to and through motherhood.  Sphere Mama is your home during this extraordinary time. We are honored to share this journey with you.

Sphere Mama was started in NY in 2006 with Christa Tyson and has served hundreds of families.  Women have come to Sphere Mama for their first, second, third and some moms even their fourth pregnancies. When women find out a friend is pregnant they send them to Sphere Mama.  If you are  visiting our site for the first time, I promise you will LOVE all our classes, workshops and support.

Please sit comfortably (with healthy posture and a tall glass of water) and continue to browse around. You will learn about our amazing resources for expecting parents and new families!  Below is a summary of our services:

Sphere Mama is a Yoga Shala providing:

Prenatal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga

Parent and Baby Yoga

Fertility Yoga

Hatha Flow yoga/Vinyasa Flow yoga

Gentle and Restorative Yoga

and Couples Yoga

All of these classes can be done in a group setting at our studio or as a private lesson in the privacy of your home. Click here for our Schedule.

Sphere Mama is a Perinatal (prenatal, birth and postpartum) Support Center providing:

Birth Doula Services

Postpartum doula services

Breastfeeding classes and support

Labor/childbirth classes

Mom’s Groups and More!

The name “Sphere Mama” stems from the consistent circular sphere-like symbols associated with women during the perinatal period: the bountiful sphere shaped pregnant belly, the nursing spheres created for feeding your baby, the circular opening from which baby is born, a growing family circle, united community circle, our tribe or circle of friends, our mother earth is a sphere, the feminine energy of the moon, the egg from which it all starts, the spiraling spheres of the chakra’s, and the cycle of life as it spirals from beginning to end and beyond.

We are grateful you are visiting our site and truly hope to connect with you soon.  Please don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions or comments.  It is our pleasure to chat and answer any question you may have.

In Gratitude,

Sphere Mama

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Santa Fe Yoga

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Yoga Santa Fe

Yoga Santa Fe

New yoga classes in Santa Fe, NM – Starting in August our studio will be offering 6 new yoga classes in Santa Fe!  We will be offering Prenatal and Postnatal yoga classes, Parent and Baby yoga classes, Gentle / Restorative yoga classes and Vinyasa Flow yoga classes.  Sphere Mama moved to the Santa Fe / Los Alamos area just two weeks ago.  We are happy to get settled into our new home.  We look forward to seeing you in class.  Welcome to our yoga family! Click here for our schedule.


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