About Christa


Welcome to Sphere Mama Wellness. Here, you will learn about Christa's yoga classes and workshops, as well as Beautycounter, a certified B-corporation on a mission to bring SAFER skin care and cosmetics to everyone. Christa is a Senior Manager with Beautycounter and has monthly classes about safer skin care. She also teaches a yoga classes and workshops each week.

Christa Tyson, known locally as "SphereMama" began her yoga practice in 1999 while working as a marine biologist and living in Maui, HI. She decided to try yoga in hopes of alleviating the shoulder and back tenderness she acquired from paddling in the surf and hauling in the lines on boats. She noticed that various kinks in her physical body, emotional being, and mind began to dissipate as she spent time on her mat. With further maturation as a yogini, Christa became interested in yogic philosophy, texts, and teachings from various lineages, incorporating different styles into her personal practice. In 2003, she attended an accredited 9-month yoga teacher training and mentorship program through Yoga Yoga in Austin, TX, where she received her 200-hour Hatha Yoga Certification (E-RYT). In 2005, Christa completed additional training toward her 500-hour Certification specializing in Vinyasa Flow. In 2006 Christa acquired her Prenatal and Postpartum yoga certification. In 2007, she completed a 15,000-mile cross-country road trip and studied with leading yoga instructors all over the United States. As your yoga instructor, she brings to each session an East meets West approach created through a holistic understanding of the fundamental mind/body connection. Christa integrates her academic background in biology, psychology, anatomy, and physiology with the ancient modes of Yogic healing to make the exploratory journey from mind to body to the heart. Her yoga classes nearly always include a vinyasa component. She strives to make her classes mirror life: at times tough, at times rhythmic; at times completely personal and inwardly tuned. Her classes are fun, inspiring, challenging and dedicated to helping people of all ages, sizes, and abilities discover the joys of yoga practice and conscious living.

Christa is also a PEEC staff member at the Los Alamos Nature Center, a birth doula, lactation counselor, childbirth educator, and mother of three lovely children. You can also find her running the trails with her dog, Rania.

Christa also filmed and launched Seva-Karma online yoga videos, let her know if you would like a link to her free yoga videos.

"To all who are reading or hearing these words:

May your heart burst open in unconditional Love

May your mind be illuminated by infinite Peace

May your body be flooded by the light of your Essence.

May all whom you touch in this life

Through your thoughts, your words and your deeds

Be transformed by the radiance of your Presence."

Richard Rudd